Domain Name: 3 Important Things To Do Before Choosing A Domain For Your Business

Domain Name: 3 Important Things To Do Before Choosing A Domain For Your Business

Having a domain name is a key part of your business preparation to key into digital age and reach more potential customers hanging online but there are basic things to note to get the best off your domain while coming online.

Incase you are new to domain name, let have a brief summary of what it is.

What is a Domain Name?

Like every living things, not just human being have a name for different reasons like identification. The internet is a replica of that and its referred to as DOMAIN NAME. That simply means if someone is to come to your office offline, they need your address right? So, it is if customers are to locate you online out of multitude and competitors you need a name that will point them to your location/office (website) online.

Having understand how important your domain is, there is need for you to select it carefully with the following 3 suggested steps.

1. Check Availability Online:

Considering the fact that most businesses already have a name offline and yours may not be exceptional. You need to visit domain registrars to search your business domain name availability with the extension of choice.

To get started CLICK HERE and type your business name to search if still available, you can change the extension from .com to .net, .biz, .uk, .ng, and so on.

2. SEO Keyword Search

You need to checkout your business domain name existing search rate and what competitors are already paying to rank high with your keywords online.

To do this you can use free tools like Google Keywords Planer, its free and comes handy with your adwords account.

1. Visit GoogleAdwords website

2. Signup or sign-in with a gmail account

3. Click on TOOLS

4. Select KEYWORDS PLANNER from the drop down menu to use the features.

3. Register With Reliable Host

After all above fulfilled, the next important step is to register your domain with reliable host that would give you 99% uptime guarantee for you domain or else you risk turning off customers to competitors if your domain provider cause your website to go off and on. Also, to avoid another business coming to claim the name online before you.

To get started, we recommend GlobalWebHost.Net to host your domain, Click Here to get started with token.



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