How To Add Social Sharing Buttons To Blogspot Blog

How To Add Social Sharing Buttons To Blogspot Blog

In this article you will discover How To Add Social Sharing Buttons To Blogspot Blog to make sharing your articles by readers much easier and faster without leaving your blog.

How To Add Social Sharing Buttons To Blogspot Blog?

We will be using one of the most used social sharing buttons known as AddThis to setup the sharing tools on your blog for readers to easily share your blog posts on any device.

Kindly follow the steps below:

1) Go to AddThis website (Click Here)

Social Sharing Buttons-GlobalWebHost

2) Click on Activate

3) Fill your required registration details and submit

Social Sharing Buttons-GlobalWebHost

4) You will be instantly logged into your admin dashboard to create your first social sharing buttons for your blog

Social Sharing Buttons-GlobalWebHost

5) Browse through the options and select your desired buttons location. For the sake of this tutorial we are creating in-line to display below the blog article for readers to share after reading the post.

Social Sharing Buttons-GlobalWebHost

6) Click Continue and select all the social buttons you want to add before proceeding

7) Click Save & Continue to generate the code for integration in to your blogspot blog or any other platform

8) Copy the code and follow the instruction on the page step by step to finalize the integration

Wahoo! You are done and your readers can now share your blog post via different social platforms like Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn,Whatsapp or even SMS and lot others.

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